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10 Fighting Game Characters With The Deadliest Moves
This would hurt!

5. Falcon Punch

Any list that claims to show the deadliest video game character fighting moves and does not showcase the Falcon punch is very unreliable. Falcon punch is one of the most epic moves in the Super Smash Bros series. While Super Smash isn’t a franchise necessarily known for its brutality, Falcon Punch certainly fits the picture.

Getting Falcon Punched would literally be the worst, and final, thing ever to happen to you. Additionally, due to how amazing the move is, Captain Falcon has to loudly announce whenever he is using it. His fist becomes covered in fire and he obliterates his enemies with the power of a thousand suns. Ok I made that part up, but it is still pretty great. The video above demonstrates what happens when two Falcon Punches collide.

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