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 10 Best Zombie Survival Games To Prepare You For a Zombie Apocalypse
Get your zombie game face on


8. GoatZ

Who knows what you'll be up against in your zombie apocalypse future. Forget human zombies, there might be zombie goats, massive zombie elephants, or worst of all zombie clowns. It's time to prepare for all of those forsaken horrors in GoatZ.

GoatZ is the DLC for Goat Simulator where players take control of a zombie goat. Just like in the original game everything is still as ridiculous but with way more buggy zombie fun. Players get to explore the large DLC map either with or without zombies, but we are here for zombie outbreak training 101 so don't slack on your studies.

My kind of zombie fever dream

Just because you're a zombie goat doesn't mean you can skip out on your meals. Eating is a matter of life or death, it will be game over if you don't eat something every five minutes. Good thing zombie goats love to eat lit campfires and porcelain toilets.

Just like in Goat Simulator, the game's physics are pretty broken, but that's just part of the game's charm. Zombies can get stuck running in place and bumping your goat into them may send them flying away. The DLC offers ton of unlockables for players that really increases its replay value. Players can get different goats with unique powers and weapons such as a shotgun that fires gumballs.

Whether you become a zombie goat in a few more years or fight one to the death, it's good to cover all of your zombie training basics. 

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