10 Best Strategy War Games To Play in 2015: Page 6 of 10

This means war!
This means war!

5. Endless Legend

Endless Legend 01

Our giant is bigger than yours!

We return to high fantasy with Endless Legend, another 4X turn-based strategy game.

As the overseer of one of eight factions, it’s your job to change the fate of your dying world, Auriga.

The factions include the ghostly knights, the Broken Lords; the plague-spreading, insectoid Necrophages; and the wise race of ancient dragons, the Drakken.

The map is split into hexagonal tiles, over which you move your armies. But it’s not all about warfare; you’ll also have to micromanage your cities, as well as prepare for Seasons, which drastically alter the climate and, consequently, the abilities of your units.

One of the most stylish, well-executed strategy war games on this list!

Endless Legend 02

Endless Legend 03

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