10 Best Sports Games To Play in 2015 (PC)

10 Best Sports Games To Play in 2015 (PC)
He shoots, he scores!

The only way to play sports - in a comfy chair. 

Well, this is a challenge. How does one pick the top 10 best sports games for PC, where they're never really made for PC? Let's face it, most of these were designed with the vision of a guy sitting in a comfy chair, a few meters away from a 32" TV screen with a wireless gamepad and a bowl of chips. Still, we got some games ported, from companies that saw a point in it. Then there's also the indie titles made on PC, so we got that.

Another problem is the selection. Unlike other genres, where there's a clearly defined line of which are better, in sport based games it's all about preference. You are going to love the game if you love the sport and vice-versa. No matter how incredibly well the physics, graphics or sound is done in a cricket game, a weak version FIFA would win over if you prefer soccer (or football, depending on where you live).

All of this had to be taken into account, but I put a higher priority on entertainment value in general. After all, if we're playing sports games on a PC, then there should be a good reason why we're not outside playing them for real, right? I mean besides being physically impaired or lazy.

10. Cabela's Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts

That looks like it hurts...

First, let me say that this is high quality release. Despite the fact that it's at the bottom of the list, it's still very stable, flows nicely with decent graphics and nice sound. The problem is looking at it from a game's perspective. Usually, if you're a fan of guns and shooting, you're going to play a FPS before you pick up a hunting simulation.

Of course, if you're into hunting specifically, and there are those of you out there who enjoy this kind of game, you will love it. Apart from what I've already listed, it has a sense of progress in the form of unlocking more areas and there's a really cool x-ray effect that lets you see exactly how the bullet strikes the animal and kills it...if you're into that sort of thing.


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