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Things that go bump in the night...
Things that go bump in the night...

2. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia 01

The light won't save you

Amnesia 02

Windows to hell

You awaken, with no memory of your past, in the shadowed halls of an enormous castle.

You are literally weaponless in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, with nothing but your lantern to chase away the suffocating darkness. But be cautious as you plumb the depths of your prison and uncover its many, bloodcurdling secrets; there are things prowling the corridors seeking your blood.

Sound plays an important factor. Make too much noise while opening that door, and they will know where you are. The interplay between light and shadow is also another key feature. Stay in the darkness for too long, and your sanity drops, drawing the monsters to you; but keeping your lantern lit can also attract the attention of those same monsters. It’s a lose-lose situation, further homing you in on the reality of your hopelessness.

A surreal atmosphere thick with Lovecraftian undertones, and the feeling of total impotence in the face of implacable evil; The Dark Descent masterfully combines both elements, earning it spot #2 on our list of best scary games to play in 2015.

Our rating – 5/5

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Amnesia 04

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