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best csgo riflers
Counter-Strike, through all iterations, has been heavily focused on the 2 primary rifles: the AK-47 & the M4A1-s/ M4A4.

3. Freddy ‘KRIMZ’ Johansson

Team: Fnatic   |   Nationality: Sweden   |   Favorite Rifle: AK-47 & M4A1-s

Fnatic KRIMZ

Picture by ELeague

Team: Fnatic   |   Nationality: Sweden   |   Favorite Rifle: AK-47 & M4A1-s

Possibly the greatest support player of all-time, KRIMZ has been the cornerstone of Fnatic since signing to the team in June 2014. Part of 2 major victories (ESL One: Katowice & Cologne 2015), KRIMZ is to Fnatic what Xyp9x is to Astralis. He was part of the core Fnatic squad with JW, flusha & olofmeister that had an almost year long reign over the CS:GO competitive scene. Not until after the MLG Major in 2016 did Fnatic lose its place as the best team in the scene to SK Gaming (then Luminosity Gaming) with these 4 players. KRIMZ, throughout the peaks and the lows, always held his place as the rock that supported his other 4 teammates. His supportive style always was mixed with explosive performances that helped Fnatic gain so much success. Recently putting up big numbers at IEM Katowice 2018 & winning WESG, KRIMZ, along with flusha, still maintains his world-class rifle ability & form 5 years into his professional career.

Career Stats for KRIMZ (Average Rating = kills / deaths):

2013: 1.06 | 2014: 1.09 | 2015: 1.12 | 2016: 1.00 | 2017: 0.99 | Past 3 Months: 1.17 | Overall: 1.07

Fnatic KRIMZ Highlight Video (2016)

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