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The vast space awaits you in Homeworld
The final frontier of Real Time Strategy games

19.AirMech Strike 

AirMech VR Trailer 

Let’s take it back to Free-to-Play games with Carbon Games’ AirMech, released in March 2018. This game puts you in control of a fleet of Transformer-like robots, as you try to defeat other mechs. 

Managing to perfectly combine MOBA elements in an RTS setting, level up your mech and control units to capture enemy bases. Filled with vibrant colors and running at a break-neck pace, matches are short and never overstay their welcome. With PvP options, get ready to play with and against friends. This is a fun game if you like League of Legends or Dota. 

If you’re looking for fun matches at the low-low price of $0, this game might be just for you.

AirMech Gameplay 1

The definition of short and sweet

AirMech Gameplay 2

If only all mechs were this fun

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