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The vast space awaits you in Homeworld
The final frontier of Real Time Strategy games

20. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2

Dawn of War 2 Cinematic Trailer 

Developed by Relic, Dawn of War 2 is a different kind of RTS. First, it takes place on the immensely popular Warhammer 40K universe, which already makes it essential for any fan of the long-running franchise. Second, it makes important choices to differentiate itself from every other RTS.

In Dawn of War 2, you won’t build a base, as you begin every match with a set number of units, your goal is to keep them alive and beat your enemies. Customization is a strong aspect of this game, change your characters’ looks, abilities and power levels in a fun game with a lot of gore. 

Choose from different races from the Warhammer universe and play a campaign mode that will keep going whether you win or lose. A redesign of the RTS genre, Dawn of War 2 is not only for Warhammer fans, but for RTS fans looking for a different experience.

DoW 2 Gameplay 1

Prepare for the gore!

DoW 2 Gameplay 2

Killing stuff has never been so fun

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