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The vast space awaits you in Homeworld
The final frontier of Real Time Strategy games

23. Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy Launch Trailer 

From the American Civil war, we’re going back to the middle ages with this next entry. Developed by Destructive Creations, Ancestors Legacy is a 2018 strategy game with a heavy emphasis on tactics, that aims to depict some of the most important moments in European history. 

Choose from a group of four historical groups (Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs) and set on your quest to conquer Europe. Build camps, troops and put your brain to good use to win battles. Factors like environment, unit morale and special abilities will keep you guessing in this challenging experience. Play the campaign mode and make others fear your unstoppable empire. 

Ancestors Legacy is a fun experience, if you like crushing your enemies and the middle ages, this one’s for you.

AL Gameplay 1

Fight alongside some of the biggest figures from the middle ages

AL Gameplay 2

Use everything in your power to destroy rival groups

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