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Multiplayer Horror Games
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8. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown gameplay

Hunt: Showdown is an action-packed, first-person bounty hunting game, where you are part of a group of bounty-hunters who roam the Louisiana swamps battling some pretty vicious monsters.

It's not just the monsters you have to watch out for, once you defeat your monster target, you become a target to the other bounty hunters and must outwit up to ten players who are all scrambling to secure that their bloodline achieves victory.

The gameplay allows up to ten individual players to battle and outmaneuver one another, as you all compete for a dwindling pool of bounty.

Hunt:Showdown pits bounty-hunters against both gruesome monsters as well as themselves. It isn’t just creatures you have to watch out for, it is your fellow bounty-hunters too.

The game features incredible graphics and some pretty eerie looking creatures.

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