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Multiplayer Horror Games
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2. Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 gameplay

Horzine Biotech has recently experienced a  failed experiment that has caused the clones, known as Zeds, to spread all over continental Europe.

Amidst the breakdown of European society, a group of mercenaries take up arms to battle the Zeds. Featuring a pulsating heavy metal soundtrack, co-op play of up to six players, and enough gore to fully qualify as a stellar horror game, Killing Floor 2 brings the mayhem.

The suspense and blood-spilling never lets up until the final Zed is slaughtered.

The Zeds serve as the main foe of Killing Floor 2. Outmaneuvering them is a gore-filled challenge.

You will have to take on multiple enemies at once...and they never stop coming.

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