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High End Gaming PC Processors
Need more power for your high end gaming pc?

01: Intel Core i7-5960X

  • Average Price: $1030.00
  • Architecture: Haswell-E
  • Cores: 8
  • Cache: 20MB
  • Processor Base Frequency: 3GHz
  • Integrated GPU: No
  • RAM Support: DDR4 1333/1600/2133
  • Max RAM: 64GB
  • Socket: LGA2011-V3

The King has arrived. If you want the best of the best than this processor is for you. This cpu is at the bleeding edge of performance. AMD holds the record as the first eight core CPU maker, but Intel shattered AMD with this CPU. Hands down the most powerful CPU out right now. This processor doesn’t give much in the form of gaming because franticly its overkill. But this CPU handles multitasking perfectly. Your GPU will not be bottleneck ever. Multitasking is a breeze. Imagine gaming at 4K, streaming at 4K, handling 4K video editing. This CPU will help you do it all and then some.

Is this truly the best of the best? Comment below and voice your opinion on what CPU you think is the very best.


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