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This is a close race in MXGP on a track that has seen better days.
Hungry treads make for an unpredictable ride!

9. Trials Fusion

Sonic the Hedgehog and Trine make a beautiful baby!

Trials, being true to its name, is a challenging motocross game that struck me as the spawn that would be produced if the Trine games and Sonic the Hedgehog: 2 successfully reproduced. Players must traverse tracks full of gigantic ramps, inclined-planes, loops, hoops (sometimes on fire), and a multitude of other potential setbacks.

Built around a realistic physics engine, Trials requires players to maintain relative speeds while aligning their bikes with the environment. Failure to comply with the wishes of the environment makes the difference between a successful encounter with an object and an all-out crash. The game gives you as many lives as are necessary to finish the track since crashing is a frequent occurrence; thankfully there are ample checkpoints. Trials has a variety of maps to choose from and when enjoyment of stock maps runs dry, there is a level editor that has made available loads of original content.

The parkour-style variables at play in Trials can make for a very frustrating experience. Despite the steep learning curve, this game has a tasty recipe for innovation which renders your longing for dirt tracks and typical motocross atmospheres obsolete.

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