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2. Deer Hunter Tournament

We’re back to a straight up hunting game here, there’s no arcade shooting to be found and no messy animal filled screens to be had.

Deer Hunter Tournament is all about taking the player into the most prestigious hunting grounds around the world and giving them a true taste of the hunting life as they struggle to bag themselves a real prize buck.

Let me just stand here so you can get a good shot

The visuals leave a little bit to be desired if I’m honest but that’s really a nit-picking complaint on my behalf, the gameplay mechanics, particularly in reference to the shooting is a very solid and enjoyable experience and with the added trophy system you really get a sense of accomplishment when you take down a particularly large stag.

It also means you have to be more logical and strategic in the way you approach your kills. You cannot simply shoot haphazardly into your targets, you must set up your kills cleanly and efficiently so as to maximise the points the kill earns you.

Deer Hunter Tournament also adds another realistic element by allowing the players to build stands and blinds which not only make you feel more like a hunter but can allow you to take on more exotic animals and give you even more points towards becoming the ultimate hunting machine.

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