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5. Deer Drive

Lung shot is a phrase that can induce a sort of primal satisfaction in a man’s heart like few others can. When you’ve just blasted a poor young buck to shreds with your shotgun the voice over screaming Lung shot with barely contained glee is a most satisfying experience.

Just like Remington Super Slam Hunting: Alaska Deer Drive focuses on giving you a more exciting arcade style of gameplay rather than a more traditional hunting simulation game.

Reload faster damn it

Deer Drive goes further into the arcade mode though with a really cheesy but terribly hilarious voice over soundtrack that lets out a big deep “Oh Yeah” when you take a deer through the chest when it’s jumping, the pop up caption of ‘Trick Shot’ seems to rub salt into the poor deer’s mortal wound.

Deer Drive tries to incorporate a multiplayer aspect with a two player competitive option or a more full on party mode for big groups of people. I can only imagine the hilarity of taking down a herd of deer after you’ve pounded back a few cold beers.

The action is extremely fast paced and consists of you mostly aiming as fast as you can and squeezing off accurate shots before the various critters in your sights decide to bring the pain crashing down on your head.

Most of the animals you’ll hunt down will be deer with the odd bear or mountain lion thrown in to keep you on your toes, and oddly enough a couple of squirrels too. It's a nice variety that keeps you changing your weapons and strategies to make sure you are always prepared for the challenges the game throws at you.

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