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6. Remington Super Slam Hunting: Alaska

Don’t be looking for any semblance or reality in Remington Super Slam Hunting, there’s absolutely no stealth or strategy elements to be found whatsoever. You could play this for hour upon hour and never once get close to doing anything resembling actual hunting. So why is it on our list of best hunting games out there? Because it’s a brilliantly entertaining old school style arcade shooter.

Combo time

This is exactly the sort of game you step up to in an arcade and drain all of your pocket money into. It’s stupid, ridiculous and entertaining as all hell. The animals come on thick and fast and constant upgrades and bonus hits keep the action new and exciting. 

There are numerous beasts to hunt and kill from deer right through to leaping salmon. Yes that’s right you read that correctly, you can actually shoot a leaping Salmon in the face with a shotgun, or even a bow and arrow if that’s more your speed. Deer are certainly the most common animal and like most hunting games at heart this is built around killing young bucks and working your way upwards from there to large carnivores like Wolves and even the odd Brown Bear.

Things have gotten out of hand here

Everything here is geared towards quick but fun gameplay and it delivers on that goal with surprising efficiency. A game that just spawns animals and makes them run towards and attack you should, in principle at least, not work all that well. And yet here we have a game that does exactly that and keeps you thoroughly entertained.

Is Remington Super Slam Hunting: Alaska ridiculous? Most definitely.

Is it stupid as all hell? Most assuredly yes.

Is it entertaining as feck? Oh hell yes it is.

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