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10 Best Car Racing Games for PC in 2015
It's all about speed.

3. Grid 2

Grid 2 01

Grid 2 02

Leaving them in the dust

Like Autosport, Grid 2 is an arcade racer that borrows a page or two from its more complex cousin, the racing simulator. It’s also one of the best car racing games in existence.

With a plethora of tracks from real world cities and locations; an enormous roster of motor vehicles covering four decades of racing history; and a bevy of exciting, demanding challenges, where can you go wrong?

Returning in this sequel is the series’ signature Flashback button, which lets you rewind time to undo past errors. This, along with its vaunted “TrueFeel” feature, helps to make Grid 2 accessible to players while maintaining a healthy dose of realism – earning it third place on our list of 2015’s best car racing games.

Our rating – 5/5

Grid 2 03

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