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You know it's a good trailer when you can't watch it just once!
You know it's a good trailer when you can't watch it just once!

3. BioShock: Infinite - "Beast of America" trailer

BioShock: Infinite’s official trailer does everything a good trailer is supposed to do: offer a quick version of the story without giving away all the details; provide gorgeous views of the world the game takes place in; show the obstacles our protagonists must surmount, then gradually escalate the threats surrounding them. And of course, do it all with the bombast of a summer action blockbuster. It’s all gameplay footage, too!

Not to mention Beast of America is just one anthem that’ll make you want to punch the air until you’ve torn a hole through the fabric of reality, and headbang until your head falls off your neck. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a trailer that shows off the game’s most thrilling moments and features.

Equally as gorgeous is the TV spot, a wonderfully rendered cinematic that gives a hint of what the gameplay is like.

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