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You know it's a good trailer when you can't watch it just once!
You know it's a good trailer when you can't watch it just once!

5. Final Fantasy XV

With this trailer, Square Enix finally proved to concerned fans that they weren’t trolling us when Final Fantasy XV was first revealed almost a decade ago.

The most amazing thing about this trailer, aside from showing us that the game is actually being developed? A good percentage of it is gameplay footage. Not super high resolution cinematics tricking us to believe the game looks better than it actually is – but footage showing us what the game is like when we’re actually controlling the characters and moving around in the world.

And boy, does it look gorgeous. The monster designs are impeccable, the combat is exhilarating, and the world itself looks like something from a tourism pamphlet. Sure, it’s a sausage party, and the story doesn’t make sense, but a road trip in a sleek, sexy car across a beautiful fantasy world makes this one of the most jaw-dropping video game trailers ever made.

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