10 Marvel Villains We Want To See In The Next Marvel Movie

What can We Expect From Each one? Besides Of Course; Evil!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been expanding exponentially since it’s inception in 2008 with Iron Man. Each year sees new superheroes added to the big and small screen roster and equally so for its villains. With the Marvel Universe home to hundreds of villains though, which ones are we most eager to see getting their time on the silver screen? 

10. Kang the Conqueror – Fantastic Four / Avengers

Superpowers include:
⦁ Time travel
⦁ Super intelligence
⦁ Master scientist

Born Nathaniel Richards, Kang the Conqueror grew up a feeble youth, at 25 he discovered time travel and utilizing his superior intelligence and technology, traveled back in time to create his first identity Pharoah Rama-Tut. Due to his time-traveling ability, Kang has been able to infiltrate multiple timelines throughout the Marvel Universe, featuring in the Fantastic Four and Avengers storylines. Whilst he has previously appeared in the Fantastic Four movie series (and the less said of that the better), Kang has yet to appear in the MCU. With Phase 3 of the MCU heading towards a climax, Kang could be set to become a prime nemesis for Phase 4. 

9. The Beyonder – Avengers

Superpowers include:
⦁ Omnipresence
⦁ Omnipotence
⦁ Reality manipulation

Potentially one of the most powerful supervillains in the Marvel Universe, the Beyonder is essentially a living, thinking embodiment of space. Appearing in the Secret Wars story arc with his childish attitude wielding supreme and unstoppable power, Beyonder proved to be a frightening foe who could control reality according to his desires. Most notably he created his own Battleworld playground where he would pit superheroes and villains for his own entertainment. For him to make his debut in the MCU would offer a truly terrifying and detestable, additionally it would allow MCU to explore the Secret Wars arc.


8. M.o.d.o.k

Superpowers include:
⦁ Superior telekinesis
⦁ Super intelligence

Mental Organism Developed Only for Killing, aka M.O.D.O.K, began existence as George Tarleton, a technician working for Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM). His hideous visage is the result of mutagenic experimentation, causing Tarleton’s head to grow to monstrous proportions due to his psychic powers. M.O.D.O.K rose to gain control of AIM and become a constant threat to individual members of the Avengers. For fans who enjoy genetically engineered monsters, M.O.D.O.K would pave the way for the MCU to explore the AIM organization and storyline.

7. Enchantress

Superpowers include:
⦁ Sorcery
⦁ Intelligence and cunning

This beautiful but dangerous Asgardian still waits to enjoy her time on the silver screen. This immortal seeks both power and pleasure and she is prepared to use anyone to satisfy her needs. She often enlists the assistance of Skurge the Executioner who remains hopelessly enthralled with her. The Enchantress has proven herself to be a constant adversary for the thunder god, Thor. Although her sister Lorelei and Skurge have both appeared on the big and small screens, the Enchantress has yet to make an appearance. Rest assured that when she does appear she will prove to be a memorable villain. 

6. Onslaught

Superpowers include:
⦁ Telepathic omnipotence
⦁ Superior telekinesis
⦁ Control over magnetic fields

After Charles Xavier uses his psychic powers to render Magneto comatose, he inadvertently absorbs the darkest parts of Magneto’s mind. These dark thoughts subconsciously merge with Xavier’s own deeply harbored dark thoughts, thereby growing into a psionic entity that calls itself Onslaught. After extreme despair at the death of a young mutant, Onslaught took control of Xavier’s body, seeking to pursue his own solution to the human-mutant co-existence problem. As a villain that has dealt with both the X-Men and the Avengers, Onslaught offers up a tantalizing villain that could truly explode onto the MCU scene. 

5. Carnage


Superpowers include:
⦁ Enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes
⦁ Spiderman-like abilities – climbing and enhanced senses
⦁ Able to manipulate the symbiote to shapeshift and use as a physical extension

Created when the Venom symbiote bonded with the bloodstream of Cletus Kasady, Carnage proved himself to be one of the most violent and terrifying supervillains in the Spiderman comics. Already a psychotic individual with a dark and disturbing past, Kasady’s evil tendencies were enhanced by the symbiote and Carnage became a monster with psychopathic tendencies and zero morality. With the new Venom movie due to be released in 2018, there may well be a cry for the Carnage villain to make a ghastly appearance.

4. Doctor Octopus

Superpowers include:
⦁ Superior genius intellect
⦁ Brilliant engineer and scientist
⦁ 4 mechanical arms controlled by his mind

Doctor Otto Octavius was a bitter, anti-social individual who threw himself into his work at the U.S. Atomic Research Center. Working with mechanical arms attached to his torso by a harness, Otto was caught up in an explosion in which he is doused in radioactive substances. Following the accident, Otto finds the mechanical arms have fused with his body as well as the radiation affecting his brain, giving him telepathic control over the arms. A constant antagonist for Spiderman and following the reboot of the Spiderman series in the MCU, a re-envisioning of Spiderman’s arch-nemesis would certainly make for a cinematic villain worth seeing. 

3. Taskmaster

Superpowers include:
⦁ Photographic reflexes
⦁ Photographic memory
⦁ Voice impersonation

Born with the uncanny ability to mimic the movements of others, the Taskmaster can learn a fighting method by observation alone. With that knowledge, he is then able to devise counter attacks and it is this that makes him one of Marvel’s most formidable foes. Turning to a lucrative life of crime, the Taskmaster has had his fair share of run-ins with the Avengers and Ant-Man. With his charismatic nature and unique fighting ability, an appearance on the silver screen would produce some fantastic hand-to-hand combat guaranteed to satisfy MCU fans. 

2. Morgan Le Fey – Dr. Strange

Superpowers include:
⦁ Arcane and superior sorcery
⦁ Time travel
⦁ Necromancy

With a backstory steeped in Arthurian legend, Morgan Le Fey imposes as a villainous sorceress, her powers equal and at times greater than that of even Doctor Strange. Jilted by her time-traveling lover, Doctor Doom, the Witch Queen summoned an army of demons and traveled through time to destroy Doom, ultimately meeting her fate at the hands of Doom. With her mystical prowess and feminine charms, Morgan Le Fey would continue the foray into the magical side of the MCU, perhaps locking spells with Doctor Strange on the big screen.

1. Kraven the Hunter - Spiderman

Superpowers include:
⦁ Superior hunting skills
⦁ Formidable fighting ability
⦁ Slowed aging

Born Sergei Kravinoff, the Russian born hunter spent time as one of the first members of the early Avengers team. Primarily interested in the thrill of the hunt, Kraven reveled in big game hunting, however, because of his superior skills soon grew bored of it. His half-brother, the Chameleon, suggested he step up his hunting and pursue Spider-Man. With this new quarry, Kraven proved himself to be one of the web slinger's most terrifying foes, famously burying him alive in the comic storyline Kraven’s Last Hunt. Now that Spider-Man has been embraced into the MCU, it would be exciting to see his most difficult foe appear on the big screen. Add to that the nature of Kraven’s skill set, we could expect to see something grittier and more visceral with less of the CGI, no doubt a fresh take on the superhero big screen. 



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