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best characters in LOTRO
LOTRO stories will let you meet and grow to love many original... Read More
best quests in LOTRO
  Exploring the LOTRO content takes a lot of time and causes... Read More
best gear for warden LOTRO
Finding the right gear for your role is always a challenge. Here's... Read More
best gear for champion LOTRO
This article will help you decide what to equip on your Champion... Read More
best captain gear in LOTRO
Choosing the right gear for your Captain can be a bit of a struggle... Read More
best decorations LOTRO
Create a unique home in LOTRO, following a set of simple instructions... Read More
best music in LOTRO
Music is a huge aspect of LOTRO's beauty... Some of these melodies... Read More
best instances LOTRO
Everyone in LOTRO is already playing the popular endgame raids... Read More
best LOTRO cosmetics
Looking a certain way can define your character. See if any of these... Read More
most needed classes LOTRO
Finding a fellowship is easier if your character's class is in high... Read More
LOTRO Best Allegiance
You're going to raise a number of questions the moment you get to... Read More
LOTRO Best Mounts
Mounts are a big part of your character's identity and finding your... Read More
LOTRO Best Food
Find out which food best suits your appetite in LOTRO... If... Read More
LOTRO Most Fun Class
LOTRO is about fighting, surviving, leveling, and stats... but also... Read More
LOTRO Best AoE Class
AoE damage makes you tough against multiple opponents. See which... Read More
Best LOTRO Servers
Every server can be the best for you. It depends on what you want out... Read More
LOTRO Best PvP Class
PvP in LOTRO is a challenging and equally exhilarating endeavor. Some... Read More
LOTRO Best Race
Each class in LOTRO has a unique synergy with a certain race. If you... Read More
Best LOTRO Addons
Addons can make your life a lot easier. Even though LOTRO is a... Read More
LOTRO Best Solo Class
  Pick the strongest class to help you win a solo battle.... Read More
Stay out of the AoE of these classes. Lord of the Rings Online may... Read More
LOTRO Best Virtue
Virtues give you the extra stats you need to win. Virtues do... Read More
LOTRO Best Tank
Make the strongest Tank possible to survive the longest Tanking... Read More
LOTRO Best Professions
Professions are the path to getting the best gear and accessories... Read More
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