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Multiplayer Horror Games
The 15 Best Multiplayer Horror Games To Play Right Now From... Read More
horror games, scary games, true stories
Real world horror brought to life in video games Games that play... Read More
A Top 12 list of some of the scariest PC horror game antagonists,
How Many of These Horrifying Creatures Have You Encountered?... Read More
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2015 seems like forever ago, but the horror games that the year... Read More
2016 horror games
2016 was a big year for everyone, including the horror genre 2016... Read More
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10 Scariest VR Horror Games That Will Send Shivers Down Your... Read More
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10 RPG Horror Games To Satisfy Your Need for Roleplaying and Horror... Read More
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15 Psychological Horror Games That Will Play Tricks On Your Mind... Read More
VR and Horror Games Seems Like a Match Made in Heaven
Every Gamer and Their Mother Is Talking About VR It seems that... Read More
Horror, Games, Creepy, PC, Atmospheric, First Person, Third Person, Adventure, Puzzle, Zombies, Monsters, Science Fiction, Action, Surreal
Brand new horror to look forward to 2016 was a year that saw the... Read More
Survival horror multi-player game that will be released on the PC,... Read More
Lucius, son of Lucifer.
Games have told stories of many things, with evil being a recurring... Read More
12 most gruesome games, horror games, gore in video games, scary games
Just How Gruesome Are These 12 Horror Games? Have you ever picked... Read More
11. Resident Evil HD Remaster Resident Evil HD... Read More
Want to get your game published without the hassle of dealing with a... Read More
10 Scariest Moments in PC Gaming
How Brave Are You? This is what nightmares are made of These... Read More
10 Upcoming Horror Games To Be Released in 2015 and 2016
10 Upcoming Horror Games To Be Released in 2015 and 2016 For some... Read More
Things that go bump in the night...
The best scary games, all in one list. Dare you read on? What... Read More
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