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Aloy attacking a Thunderjaw with a Sharpshot Bow
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Shield Weaver Armor protecting Aloy from the attack of a Thunderjaw
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Horizon Zero Dawn releases on Steam to negative reviews
Guerrilla Games’ best-seller receives immediate criticism One of... Read More
Horizon Zero Dawn PC release
Playstation Exclusive No More Horizon Zero Dawn features a variety... Read More
Horizon Zero Dawn Review
Hundreds of years in the future, machines patrol the decaying ruins... Read More
Horizon Zero Dawn Best Weapon Mods
Mods in Horizon Zero Dawn are found when looting machines, in reward... Read More
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3. Strider The very first mount available to you, the... Read More
HZD Best Skills
Silent Strike  Prowler Skill Tree - 1 Skill Point... Read More
HZD Best Bows
3. Shadow Sharpshot Bow There are three different... Read More
Horizon Zero Dawn Best Armor
5. Banuk Sickness Eater Heavy Now, this armour is by... Read More
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10 PS4 Exclusives That PC Gamers Can Only Long For  Console... Read More
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