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10 Reasons why Star Wars : KOTOR is just so good!
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (or KOTOR if you don't want to... Read More
The Dungeons and Dragons title next to one of the large villains... Read More
D&D has become one of the best TTRPG games in the last few... Read More
The logo for Dungeons and Dragons next to cool graphic words of '... Read More
Adventurers teaming up to fight a horde of monsters
Warlocks are powerful spellcasters who call on pacts made with... Read More
Sorcerer reading through magic book with owl companion
Sorcerers are a Charisma-based spell-casting class that, despite... Read More
Barbarian with mohawk wielding a big hammer
In a game as rule-heavy as Dungeons & Dragons, Barbarians are the... Read More
Sorcerer surrounded by cauldrons and reading from magic book
Sorcerers can be incredibly fun for players looking to get into... Read More
Best Race for Barbarians
Whilst Barbarians are a simple class for players to get their head... Read More
Rangers are skilled in melee and ranged combat, and can dance deftly... Read More
Best puzzles for DND
From slaying monsters, unearthing dungeons, or just hanging out at... Read More
Best elf names
Elves are the long-lived children of the natural world, they are... Read More
Best fighter names
Some take up arms for honor, wealth, and revenge. Some try to prove... Read More
Fantasy game worlds are a piecemeal of many different cultures, each... Read More
Fantasy worlds are home to hundreds, if not thousands, of different... Read More
Wondrous items are a staple of fantasy, from King Arthur's Excalibur... Read More
d&d, dungeons and dragons, best spells in d&d
Wizards as a concept have existed over hundreds of years, and they... Read More
d&d, dungeons and dragons, best spells in d&d
Life is not always what it seems, and this is true for D&D.... Read More
d&d, dungeons and dragons, best spells in d&d
D&D is a world of many possibilities. Players have many different... Read More
d&d, dungeons and dragons, spells, wall spells, d&d best wall spells
Spells come in great varieties in D&D. In all shapes and sizes.... Read More
d&d, dungeons and dragons, dragonborn, dragonborn classes
5. Sorcerer Dragonborns not only carry their ancestry upon their... Read More
An elven scout darts through the foliage like a blur of green and... Read More
The knight’s once glimmering plate mail now shines red with gore from... Read More
Best druid circles
A bark-covered half-orc keeps to the fringe of battle, confounding... Read More
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