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Dead By Daylight Best Trapper Builds
The Trapper, the first killer added to Dead by Daylight in 2016,... Read More
The Nurse
In Dead by Daylight, not all killers are made equal. Some killers are... Read More
10. Fun With Friends In Dead by Daylight, working as a team is... Read More
The Huntress
5.  Aggressive Hex Build 3 META HUNTRESS BUILDS... Read More
Sadako Yamamura
March 2022 of last year saw Sadako Yamamura (The Onryō) emerge from... Read More
dead by daylight perk combinations
In the horrifying world Dead by Daylight, your ability to survive –... Read More
dead by daylight killers tier list
Welcome, horror fans, to the slaughter! Whether you’re repairing... Read More
As a Dead by Daylight killer, you have a duty to stab, bludgeon, and... Read More
Dead by Daylight killer with auric cells and iridescent shards
Dead by Daylight’s main attraction is its many killers. Playing as... Read More
“The Mastermind” best known as Albert Wesker is a character from the... Read More
Best DbD Killer Addons
[Top 5] Dead by Daylight Best Addons For Every Killer In the... Read More
Best DbD Plague Builds
[Top 5] DbD Best Plague Builds That Are Strong An underrated... Read More
Best DbD Demogorgon Builds
[Top 5] DbD Best Demogorgon Builds That Are Strong Though they... Read More
Best DbD Wraith Builds
[Top 5] DbD Best Wraith Builds That Are Strong One of the classics... Read More
The best Pig builds in Dead by Daylight.
The Pig has been subject to many memes over the years. ‘Oh no Nurse... Read More
The Doctor was once the most annoying Killer to play against. This... Read More
the best Albert Wesker (the Mastermind) builds in Dead by Daylight
Albert Wesker is one of the most memorable villains of the Resident... Read More
top 5 Pyramid Head (the Executioner) builds
The Silent Hill chapter was a big success. And for once, no one could... Read More
The best 5 builds for the Demogorgon
When I first got into Dead by Daylight, it was just shortly after the... Read More
Top 5 Sadako (the Onryō) builds
In March 2022, Dead by Daylight introduced a new Killer: the Onryō (... Read More
Dead By Daylight Cenobite, Behaviour Interactive
Cenobite is a killer where power is made out of chains allowing him... Read More
Dead By Daylight Nemesis, Behaviour Interactive
Nemesis is a killer that is described and seen as one of the most... Read More
Dead By Daylight Trickster, Behaviour Interactive
The Trickster is a killer who has a similar principle to the Huntress... Read More
Dead By Daylight Twins, Behaviour Interactive
The Twins is one kind of killer in the game where you can control two... Read More
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