Top 5 YuGiOh Duel Links Best SR & UR Cards

As cool as they look, these aren't the back covers of the SR & UR Cards....yet?! Probably not.

Super Rare and Ultra Rare Cards are sought out by many duelists like you and I, but which are truly the best that each type has to offer?

Well, throughout my many duels within the game, I’ve discovered the top 5 UR and SR cards that every duelist should have in their decks.

Discover the top 5 SR & UR cards in YuGiOh Duel Links!

5. Shield & Sword


The 1st edition version of Shield and Sword available in Duel Links.

A well-known spell card used by Joey Wheeler, Shield & Sword has an excellent effect that allows the user to switch the ATK and DEF of one of your opponent’s monsters until the End Phase.

Why you should get this card:

This spell card can easily be obtained by farming Joey Wheeler or using an SR ticket to purchase it.

This card will work best against high-level monsters with low defense and is very versatile.

4. Solemn Wishes


One of the top tier trap cards in the game, Solemn Wishes. 

A versatile continuous trap card in its own right, Solemn Wishes allows the player to receive 500 LP each time you draw a card or cards.

Why you should get this card:

This card helps you recover LP, once this card is activated, for the rest of the battle.

3. Metalmorph


The top tier trap card, Metalmorph, as it appears in Duel Links. 

A classic early-game trap card, Metalmorph boosts the ATK and DEF of any monster you choose and can gain half of the ATK of the target monster when attacking.

Why you should get this card:

This card is available early game and can help make strong monsters even stronger or make weak monsters more useful in battle.

2. Bazoo the Soul-Eater


The 1st edition version of Bazoo the Soul Eater that appears in Duel Links.

This Beast-type monster has a great effect that makes is viable in battle! Bazoo the Soul Eater can banish up to 3 monsters in your graveyard to gain 300 ATK from each banished monster until the end phase.

Why you should get this card:

Its impressive ATK of 1600 can rise to greater heights with its impressive effect, getting its ATK to approximately 2400!

This card can also go well with Equip Spells or Trap Cards like Metalmorph that can further boost its ATK.

1. Enemy Controller


Enemy Controller, the popular spell card available in Duel Links. 

A fan favorite spell card that can change the outcome of any battle, Enemy Controller is a must-have in any duelist’s deck! This card has two effects that can either change the battle position of your opponent’s monster or sacrifice one of your monsters to take control of one of your opponent’s monster until the End Phase.

Why you should get this card:

The effects of this card are the main reason you should have at least 3 copies of this card in your deck.

This card is extremely versatile and can assist you in taking down strong monsters or effect monsters.

This card can be obtained early game or by using an SR ticket.


YuGiOh Duel Links Best UR Cards


5. Widespread Ruin


One of the top tier trap cards, Widespread Ruin, as it appears in Duel Links.

Opponents should be aware of this devastating trap card! Widespread Ruin is activated when your opponent declares an attack, then destroys your opponent’s Attack Position monster with the highest ATK power!

Why you should get this card:

In addition to its primary effect, if your opponent has two or more monsters on the field with the same ATK, then you can choose which monster to destroy.

This card is very versatile and can be added to any deck you choose to run.

4. Mirror Wall


One of the top tier trap cards in Duel Links, Mirror Wall.

A classic continuous trap card, famously used by Mai Valentine in the anime, Mirror Wall allows the user to cut the ATK of your opponent’s monsters as long as this card stays on the field. However, to keep this card on the field, you would have to pay 2000 LP.

Why you should get this card:

This card can come in the clutch if you're close to defeating your opponent or if you have tons of LP to spare to weaken your opponent.

3. Michizure


The ever-so-popular trap card, Michizure.

A popular trap card used by many duelists, Michizure allows you to destroy a monster of your choice when a monster is sent to your graveyard when activated.  

Why you should get this card:

This card is versatile and can assist you with taking out strong monsters on your opponent’s side of the field.

2. Riryoku


The 1st edition version of Riryoku.

A popular spell card in the game, Riryoku allows the user to halve the ATK of a monster and add it to another monster until the End Phase.

Why you should get this card:

This card can halve the attack of any monster on the field, meaning you could halve the ATK of a strong monster your opponent controls and add it to your own monster to take it out of battle.

1. Sphere Kuriboh


The versatile Duel Monster, Sphere Kuriboh.

This popular Level 1 monster is a different version from Kuriboh and Winged Kuriboh that was shown in the anime! Sphere Kuriboh can sacrifice itself to the graveyard to cause an attacking monster your opponent controls to be placed in defense mode.

Why you should get this card:

This card can help prevent battle damage by causing a strong monster to be placed in defense mode in a clutch situation.

This card can also be used to help Ritual Summon a monster by sacrificing itself to the graveyard.

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