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15 zombie, Upcoming zombie games
Still disappointed by the world not ending in 2012? Here's some zombie apocalypses you can look forward to.

1.Black Masses (Expected release date: Summer 2019)

Set in a unique medieval fantasy world, Black Masses is a first-person co-op action RPG where players must escape an island overrun by an outbreak of a virus that transforms its inhabitants into zombies. Whether players choose to fight off the undead with visceral first-person combat or outrun them using the parkour, thanks to Brilliant Game Studios’s crowd rendering technology, don’t expect eitherto be easy.

What makes Black Masses great:

  • A fantasy setting that is unique to the zombie sub-genre.
  • Intense first person combat and parkour.
  • Brilliant Game Studios’s crowd rendering technology can unleash literal hordes of zombies on the players.

Visceral, bloody melee combat.

The massive crowd of zombies brought to you by Brilliant Game Studios’s crowd rendering technology.

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