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Upcoming Turn Based Strategy Games
Get ready for battle in these upcoming TBS games.

9. Realms Beyond

Realms beyond Gameplay Trailer

Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons. Realms Beyond is a game where you control a party of six characters as you take them through an open and well-defined world. Much like the last entry, this world reacts and adapts to your party’s actions and dialogue choices and allows you to carve out your own story.  

Eight classes and customizable companions can create your party, and they will be armed with thousands of items and hundreds of spells to use. Turn-based combat allows you to use the skills of your party to the fullest, letting combinations of skills be used in tandem to destroy your monstrous foes.

Use your wits and knowledge to get through the city, for even there… danger lurks

A foul Orcish camp awaits the blades and magic of your party! Finish them all!

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