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Upcoming RTS Games
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1. Industries of Titan

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This game takes iconic city builders and puts them in space., with theThe player controlsling a Great House of industry and not only hasving to build their city but defend it from their rivals. Use the strong arm might of your battleship fleet, weave a collection of allies with diplomacy, or simply out produce them to stake your claim on Saturn’s moon.

Building your city from a collection of resources and buildings to a sprawling metropolis will take factories, power, and workers. All of which will need to manage and balance in order to keep your production lines running. The game does offer a pause feature in addition to its real-time mechanics, so situations can be analyzed and responded too before trouble emergencies. Do you have the raw might and technical savvy needed to survive on Titian?

Build massive megacities protected by huge battleships

Then defend your city against opposing forces to maintain your hold on Titan.

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