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MMORPGs with the Best Graphics
10 MMORPGs that amaze us all with their beautiful graphics.

2. Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Online Gameplay

Ah, the franchise that has players running for their lives from giant beasts more than any game before it…. Yes, Monster Hunter Online takes number two.

Since the original Monster Hunter was released back in 2004, Capcom has entranced players around the world. The franchise has only grown in popularity since then, with new games recently being shot out at rapid fire speed. The latest Monster Hunter game (Monster Hunter World) was released at the beginning of this year. The formula of these games is pure magic: you are a Hunter and its your duty to hunt down gigantic monsters that are causing problems for everyone. You pack your bag filled with food, potions, and other necessities before you step out into the world for a showdown with the beast you were assigned. Now, add cooperation with other players around the world to that formula and you take Monster Hunter to the next level.

That’s exactly what Monster Hunter Online does, all while looking amazing.

Check out the great graphics in this character creation screen. PC games have come so far.

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