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MMORPGs with the Best Graphics
10 MMORPGs that amaze us all with their beautiful graphics.

7. Revelation Online

Revelation Online Gameplay

All hail the beautiful offspring of NetEase Games and the books of Jian Nan!

Revelation Online invites you into the breathtakingly gorgeous world of Nuanor. Players can explore the magical landscapes by foot, on their mounts, or can choose to fly through the skies for an aerial view of the lush forests, rocky cliffs, artic wonderlands, mystic temples, and wide seas. The flight feature is unrestricted except for moments while you’re in a dungeon. This means that you’re free to soar as high and as far as you’d like! This game was released worldwide in 2017 and immediately garnered attention for its beautiful open world and shockingly wonderful graphics. But Revelation Online isn’t just a pretty face. There’s also an exciting story, interesting dialogue, and great gameplay to go along with it.

If you think I’m kidding about the seamless flying, get ready to have your socks blown off after watching the gameplay video. Pretty amazing stuff!

A beautiful world awaits you in the skies. Just where will your wings take you?

You’ll actually want to go visit these pretty towns and cities.

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