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15. Alice & Zoroku  Sana is a “special child”... read more
This guide will tell you about the best Persona builds.
[Top 15] Persona 5 Best Builds "Give a man his mask and he will bec... read more
25. Ajin: Demi-Human   Ajin are known to be immort... read more
This guide will tell you about the best Personas.
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15. Vandread  It’s literally a battle of the sexes. Both sides... read more
This guide will teach you about the best activities in Persona 5
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Smash Ultimate Diddy Kong Combos
Everyone’s favorite monkey has been in Smash since the days of Brawl,... read more
Smash Ultimate Young Link Combos
It’s been a long time since Young Link has been in a Smash game, 20 ye... read more
Smash Ultimate Dark Samus Combos
Despite what it looks like, Dark Samus isn’t actually a human but a be... read more
Persona 5 Best Weapons
[Top 10] Persona 5 Best Weapons and How To Get Them These are the b... read more
Smash Ultimate Ivysaur Combos
Despite his more than noticeable absence in Smash 4, the fan-favorite... read more
Smash Ultimate Captain Falcon Combos
The Smash veteran himself hasn’t changed very much since Smash64, and... read more
Free Horror Games
Horror has always appealed to that part of us that likes to be scared.... read more
 Multiplayer Horror Games
It’s no secret that a lot of people like being scared, it’s why horror... read more
LOL Best Fighters for Wild Rift
10. Xin Zhao A very easy-to-use jungler, Xin Zhao is a... read more
Horror Games That Aren’t Scary
If you are anything like me, you might find that you are a much bigger... read more
League of Legends
10. Leona (Most OP for engaging and lockdown) A tanky e... read more
LOL Best Engage Supports
10. Pyke Pyke is one of a kind as he’s an assassin type... read more
LOL Best One Shot Champions
10. Vel’Koz Vel’Koz is primarily a mid laner and suppor... read more
Best Romance Manga, Best Romantic Manga
Something about sugary sweet romances just hit different. And even... read more
Free Manga Sites , best Free Manga Sites
It's hard to find all the manga you want to read when you don't live i... read more
Manga With Good Art
The art in these manga are a feast for the eyes. Really, the mangak... read more
Manga That Became Anime
Anime and manga are two completely different mediums, each with their... read more
New Horror Games
Do you love that adrenaline rush that comes from a good horror game? O... read more
LoL Best Split Pushers
Does your team keep losing every team fight, leaving you frustrated an... read more
Best Asian Horror Games
It's been said that there's only one universal passion: fear. Becau... read more
JRPG, Japanese Horror, Horror Games, RPG, Visual Novel, PC Games
Finally, a number of Japanese games have made their PC debuts, and mor... read more
 Best JRPG
Of all the games to play right now, you may be wondering, why JRPG gam... read more
Horror Games, Japanese Horror Games, The Evil Within, Silent Hill, Resident Evil
Japanese horror is a category of its own, with particular nuances that... read more
Don't Starve Together Best Character Duo, DST Best Character Duo
The characters are great and all when you are playing solo, however, w... read more
Don't Starve Together Best Foods
Don’t Starve Together is all about not starving, I mean it is in the t... read more
Don’t Starve Together Best Weapons, dst best weapons
We have so many weapons to choose from when it comes to playing Don’t... read more
Fallout New Vegas Best Armor Mods, fnv Best Armor Mods
  [Top 10] Fallout New Vegas Best Armor Mods (A range... read more
Best Fallout New Vegas Mods, Best FNV Mods
[Top 15] Best Fallout New Vegas Mods For A Brand New Experience Was... read more
SWTOR Best Companion
There are just so many personable and beloved companion personalities... read more
SWTOR Best Blaster Pistols
Star Wars: The Old Republic offers a wide variety of blaster pistols f... read more
SWTOR Best Lightsabers
A lightsaber is of course, the most valuable possession of a Sith and... read more
SWTOR Tier List
Star Wars: The Old Republic is one of those amazing games where the cl... read more
Fallout New Vegas Best Builds, fnv Best Builds
[Top 10] Fallout New Vegas Best Builds (Ranger vs Securitron)... read more