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Battle the dead on rooftops in style!

9. Pillars of Eternity 2

Inspired by various Dungeons and Dragons games including Baldur’s Gate and Planescape, Pillars of Eternity 2 is a classic RPG where the player must hunt down the god that nearly killed them in order to save their soul and find answers that mere mortals may not ever wish to know. Fans of DnD have plenty of quests and choices to keep them busy.

‘Hippy Dippy’ is a term I’m going to use forever now, thanks to RPG Alex in this delightful video. This guide is very detailed, as this game offers hundreds of combinations of classes, subclasses and races; but RPG Alex also goes into the specific abilities of each class, giving the viewer a more solid idea of how to build up their character for the game ahead.

What's more badass than hunting down a god? You. That's what.

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