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Movies Like The Walking Dead
Get ready for some fresh zombie survival movies

6. Land of the Dead (2005)

After a very long hiatus, twenty years to be exact, George Romero surprised everyone by writing and directing the fourth entry into his so-called Dead Series; this latest installment lovingly dubbed Land of the Dead.  It’s been years after the zombie apocalypse has consumed the entire United States, but in the city of Pittsburgh, there has been an attempt to restore some sense of humanity and fight off the ever-encroaching undead.  Protected on both sides by water and electric fences, this new order keeps the dead out, but corruption reigns supreme on the inside.  Romero, no stranger to injecting social commentary into his zombie flicks, tells the story of rich and poor, those rich and powerful enough to find refuge on the inside, while the poor and desperate fight for survival on the outside.  This is a story about adaption, how humanity has found away to prevent annihilation; but their undead enemies are adapting as well, and no amount of water or electric fences will be enough to stave off flesh-eaters with guns, knives and a plan of their own.

 An intelligent horde of zombies close in on a human stronghold.  (Land of the Dead, 2005)

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