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Movies Like The Walking Dead
Get ready for some fresh zombie survival movies

8. The Day (2011)

Who says cannibalism is just for the undead?  When social order has gone completely in the toilet, looks like picking up some takeout is out of the question.  The Day tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world where a band of five survivors roam the countryside in search of food, shelter and any other supplies they can get their hands on.  While searching an abandoned farmhouse, the group finds they’ve activated some kind of trap, causing the house to become surrounded by a local tribe hungry for human flesh.  The Day asks interesting questions, like: Does morality have a place in a world without order?  It’s up for you to decide, but in this world, everyone is a starving animal and starving animals can never be trusted. 

 Mary looks on as the cannibals close in.  (The Day, 2011)

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