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Movies Like The Walking Dead
Get ready for some fresh zombie survival movies

11. The Crazies (2010)

George Romero makes another appearance on this list!  Well, sort of.  The Crazies goes all the way back to 1973, Romero’s fourth feature film; fast forward to 2010 and you have an updated take on the story, one that amps up the carnage and mayhem with a razor-sharp edge.  Ogden Marsh, Iowa is a town like many others in the Midwest, but after a military plane carrying a mania-inducing chemical crashes into a local river, the small community finds its water supply contaminated.  With the population descending into all out madness, the government locks down Ogden Marsh in an attempt to contain the spread and whitewash the entire incident.  It’s up to the town sheriff and his small band of survivors to navigate through hordes of crazed citizens and government death squads if they stand a chance of escaping. 

  Survivors tend to wounded as they struggle to escape.  (The Crazies, 2010)

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