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Movies Like The Walking Dead
Get ready for some fresh zombie survival movies

1. Stake Land (2010)

In Stake Land, it isn’t zombies you should be worried about, this time around you are on the lookout for vampires.  These vampires aren’t the suave, debonair, knock-on-your-window types, no, these are feral beasts that have overtaken the United States like a crazed swarm of bees.  Families are slaughtered by the thousands, leaving a young boy in the protection of a proven vampire killer known only as Mister.  Mister takes the boy under his wing, using his knack for vampire killing to keep them both alive.  But that isn’t enough when they come into contact with a ragtag, religious cult known as The Brotherhood; it is here the true horror lies.  Believing the vampire pandemic to be the will of God, the fanatics facilitate the spread of the blood suckers by 

A feral vampire attempts to attack the survivors.  (Stake Land, 2010)

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