[Top 15] Minecraft Best Ideas For Building

Minecraft best building ideas, Minecraft Best Ideas For Building
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[Top 15] Minecraft Best Ideas For Building

Let the inspiration begin


Erebor from The Lord Of The Rings

We all have that urge in Minecraft to build the coolest buildings, make our houses look the most intricate, and fill up our world with the best structures of all Minecraft. But then comes the question, “what the heck am I gonna build anyway?” Well, if you’ve come to a point of burnout, or just don’t know where to start, here’s fifteen of some of the best ideas to build in Minecraft.


15. ​A Cool Looking House

A sweet-looking house

Let’s start with the basics. A house. One of the first things people try to build in Minecraft is a pad for themselves. Some may call it a hideout, some may call it a castle, and others may go as far as the official base of operations. They can look like anything, even a cube will do. Just make sure it’s four walls and a door.

Reasons to build this

  • Survival mode indirectly demands you build a house.
  • You can live in the house of your dreams virtually.
  • It’s good to have a place to rest your blockhead.


14. Roller Coaster

A massive Roller Coaster

Who doesn’t look at Minecarts and Rails and think “Rollercoaster?” It’s a fun way to kill time (and possibly yourself) when you can’t think of anything to build. And once it’s done, you can ride it free of charge. Unless of course, you somehow implemented tickets to ride. Why would you do that to yourself though when everything can be free! Anarchy forever!!


Reasons to build

  • The utter satisfaction of having spent so much time on it.
  • Let your friends ride a recreational monstrosity!
  • You can figure out how to charge for rides! Capitalism forever!!


13. A Castle in a Mountain

Moria from The Lord of the Rings

“Hey, dude! You wanna go build a castle in a mountain with this giant monster living inside?” “Yeah, let’s name it Moria.” “The castle or the monster?” Seriously, I think it’s safe to say we would be way better at building castles in mountains than “Lord of the Rings” Dwarves were. I mean, they didn’t even know how to use diamonds for weapons! Amateurs.


Reasons to build:

  • You’ll get tons of cobblestone in the process
  • It saves space outside
  • The concept of plowing a mountain is just amazing


12. The Krusty Krab

The Krusty Krab from Spongebob Squarepants

Home of the Krabby Patty and the almost as famous Krusty Krab Pizza, the sailor flags on the front make this build seem just so… Spongebob. You could build it underwater, but that’s gonna be a lot of buckets you’ll have to use. Best to build it on dry land, preferably in a desert to simulate the sandy seafloor. You could even have a sponge block be Spongebob!


Reasons to build

  • Reenact your favorite Spongebob episodes.
  • Good use of a desert, since they’re kind of barren
  • Have villagers come in and dine at a 5-star restaurant!


11. A Green House

A greenhouse with several plants growing

With so many plants in Minecraft, it’s easy to lose track of them all. How about a greenhouse? Here you can grow all your favorite flora, without the hassle of crafting bonemeal and hoping the flower appears.


Reasons to build:

  • It’s a good place to put all your crops. If it’s big enough.
  • An excuse to build a building made of pure glass!
  • Get all the plants to gaze upon in one place.


10. A Boat

A replica of the Titanic

And not just any boat. You could build a cruise ship, like the Titanic pictured here. And set sail just like it did. Wait, don’t do what the Titanic did actually. That’s a very bad idea. Lives were lost, Oscars were won, and things that couldn’t be unseen were seen!


Reasons to build

  • Have something grander than a tiny rowboat!
  • Make your ocean view look more occupied.
  • Have a houseboat and many rooms that function as if the boat were real!


9. A GameBoy

A replica of a Gameboy Advance

There were many different models of the Gameboy in its day. Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, and Gameboy Advance SP. With many good games, it’s only natural one would want to emulate them. Of course, that’s illegal, so let’s go with the next best thing: a Minecraft replica that does nothing!


Reasons to build:

  • Build any console really, along with your favorite 2000’s games to show off.
  • Get inside it, literally, and have a minigame inside!
  • Build your favorite ideas for a console, with signs telling how it works and what it plays!


8. An RPG world!

Goldenrod City from Pokemon

Screw the replica, let’s build the game itself! Pictured is Goldenrod City from Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal for the Gameboy Color, this build truly does bring back nostalgic memories. Almost like you can walk right into it. Oh, you can? Well, then what are we waiting for? Let’s catch ‘em all!


Reasons to build

  • Any RPG location will work since maps in them are based on straight lines. (Squares)
  • Try to get every little detail right. Challenge accepted!
  • Use command blocks to take you to the inside of buildings, just like in the RPG!


7. A City

An urban city street

Every ten-year-old Minecraft player’s dream is to build a city. Years later, they become the mayor. Of a village! Just kidding, anything can be done in Minecraft. You wanna build a replica of downtown Tokyo, you build that Tokyo like you’ve never built it before!


Reasons to build

  • It’s an excellent idea for a server or download map, or even a realm world.
  • Show off your skills with architecture and landscaping.
  • Give Minecraft a twist of modern.


6. Pixel art

A sprite art of Pikachu

This one’s a little hard, and it’s difficult to imagine doing it without looking up sprites and rubbernecking between the image and the game. But that just makes it all the more satisfying! It doesn’t even have to be from a game. Make art of anything if you think you have the skills.


Reasons to build

  • It’s a grand feat to behold and makes you look advanced.
  • Its flat, so it leaves plenty of space afterward.
  • Use it to accompany your videogame builds.


5. The Space Shuttle

The space shuttle

Although it’s been discontinued, the space shuttle is still an icon in N.A.S.A.’s history. From the shuttle itself to the big orange tank little kids think is the shuttle. Seriously, guys, the thing detaches from the wings in the sky. Why would that be the shuttle? Time to educate some children by building an Education Edition map about the space shuttle!


Reasons to build

  • The slow-motion walks onto the rocket.
  • Use it as a house, and live like an astronaut! Dry icecream, and wearable toilets!
  • Use Jumping potions to simulate Micro Gravity!


4. Ferris Wheel

A Ferris wheel

Who doesn’t associate roller coasters with Ferris wheels? Seriously, the two go hand in hand! Sure, you can’t make a working one like you can a roller coaster, but it’s still fun to build, and pretty to look at. So what are you waiting for? Get to Ferris-ing!


Reasons to build:

  • Roleplay with your friends.
  • Build a complete amusement park.
  • Make a circle in a block game for once!


3. A western cowboy town

An old western town

Another good use of a desert and one that probably more people will be familiar with, seeing as a surprisingly large number of people don’t even watch Spongebob. This one takes us back to the early 20th century, where cowboys rode to stop gunslinging bandits, sheriffs jumped on the tops of trains to stop them from falling off cliffs, and prospectors struck it rich with millions of dollars in gold. Fun fact: that stuff never actually happened. Sorry…


Reasons to build

  • You can make that stuff happen! The wild west can once again be wild!
  • Who will you be? Sheriff? Bandit? The new guy that “blows into town”?
  • Instead of gold, spawn a bunch of villagers and pan (mine) for emeralds!


2. A treehouse

A jungle treehouse

For some reason when people see massive jungle trees they immediately think “Treehouse.” not “Tons of Wood,” not “Bird’s eye view,” but “Treehouse.” because for some odd reason we all only use Oakwood. What’s up with that? Still, building a treehouse is always fun, even if it does seem childish to some.


Reasons to build:

  • Live like Tarzan! Swing from vines! Make friends with Ocelots!
  • Lots of bamboo for scaffolding.
  • Tons of wood!!!


1. Summon Shenron

Shenron from Dragonball

Time to Rock the Dragon with the eternal wish-granting dragon-god Shenron! That’s a mouthful. While you don’t have to be this good to build a dragon, it would be pretty cool if you could walk on it as the Dragon Ball Z characters do in the opening scenes. Speak your wish!

Reasons to build:

  • Bring your friends back to life. It’s called respawning guys!
  • Use command blocks to simulate a wish or three.
  • Simulate Shenron’s death at the evil demon king Piccolo’s hands with TNT! Or don’t.


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