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Check out these babies.

It’s not clear what exactly it is about mod makers and guns, but there is not a single Minecraft website anymore where you will not see a mod that adds guns. Like, actual lock ‘n load firearms! Even the Minecraft Wiki has an article of a Guns Mod where you can see a picture of a man looking through a cursor aiming at a sheep. And to think this is a game for kids. Then again, a lot of kids in the 2010s were playing Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. Well then, looks like its time to join the shoot-’em-up bandwagon, so here are the top ten best gun mods.


10. Airsoft Guns

There’s nothing soft about these things!

First up is the Airsoft Guns mod. It adds in things like dart guns, goggles, PvE elements, and of course the all-important SlimJim. Now with a red team that you must defend yourself from, crates start spawning in randomly to give you supplies. But your not alone because your blue team is here to fight the red team with you.


Reasons to download

  • Now you can play battle royale by yourself!
  • No bullets, just plain darts that can one-shot animals (and players).
  • Chow down on a good SlimJim


Get the mod here!


9. Call of Duty

The question is, which Call of Duty?

Or just the Cod Mod. Then again, there are already codfish in Minecraft. With tons of new ores like Copper, sulfur, and bauxite (that’s aluminum) you can make all kinds of crazy new toys! Some thugs will come and kill you, so watch out. Some are pretty strong.


Reasons to download

  • Customizable guns
  • Scopes and lasers
  • More ores to constantly mine for.


Get the mod here!


8. Halo

Look at how round that wheel is!

The Halo Mod adds way more than just guns! There’s energy swords, titanium, the mongoose, and even blue meat! With all the cool stuff that halo has, it’s like your playing on your Xbox 360 all over again. And for those of you that still have a 360, good for you, I hope you utilized it while you could.


Reasons to download

  • There is a whole Halo dimension! (it’s just a forest)
  • Ride the mongoose, which is an ATV if you didn’t know, and run over people.
  • Shoot a rocket at your friend’s house and run in dressed like Master Chief!


Get the mod here!


7. Cowboy guns

Stick ‘em up!

Cowboy guns are a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a hootin’ tootin’ gunslinger in the blockiest game this side of the county line! Take your horse down that old town road, and shoot down hostile mobs ‘till the sun goes down. With all kinds of pistols to choose from, you’ll be fully prepped for the gun show today at noon. High noon.


Reasons to download

  • Multishot pistols
  • A cannon that you can carry
  • Customizable weapons!


Get the mod here!


6. Portal Gun

“When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back!” -Portal 2

Portal Guns are simple. You shoot a gun, but instead of a bullet, you make a portal on a surface. You then make another portal somewhere, anywhere, and you can then walk through the two portals interchangeably. You can go anywhere now. Cross that annoying ravine or ocean without building a bridge or making a boat. Climb up or down mountains. Even go from one side of the map to the other!


Reasons to download

  • Adds 5 guns for ten portals at a time.
  • Adds trampoline things that launch you up and forward.
  • Jam out over the radio


Get the mod here!


5. Fortnite

*Seven year old in chat party dies* Seven year old: Aww, #@%&@#^$!!!

Fortnite, a game that rivals even Minecraft in popularity… got put in Minecraft. Go figure. Bring in your friends to simulate the 99 other players Fortnite usually has, and crush noobs in two games at the same time. And with your cool skin, too!


Reasons to download

  • Gives you a bush for a disguise.
  • Try adding other mods to simulate one of the many (very frequent) cross overs
  • Floss on noobs!


Get the mod here!


4. Rival Rebels

The bomb says boom! Can you say “boom”?

Rival Rebels, as you can probably already tell from the picture, is all over the place. Seriously, this explosion is blocking the sky! That’s insane. And you can bet there’ll be plenty of radioactive waste left over. Time to duck and cover. Like that’ll work. I mean come on, how’s ducking and covering going to protect you from a bomb, let alone an atom bomb!


Reasons to Download

  • You wanna see this picture in your world, don’t you? Yeah… you do.
  • Cool camoflauge armor
  • Amazing guns that knock people back!


Get the mod here!


3. Decimation

This one’s a doozy!

Decimation, from what it looks like, is extremely popular. On the download page, there are two counters, one for player deaths, another for zombie deaths. At the time of this writing, there are 5,852,674 player deaths and 40,220,261 zombie deaths. How they know that is not clear, but if you like the idea of guns + zombies, this mod seems like it’s for you.


Reasons to download

  • Training for the real zombie apocalypse
  • Realistic mechanics
  • Have literal blades that spin around and cut mobs. And no, it is not just a fan.


Get the mod here!


2. Crackshot

What does "crackshot" mean? Like the crack of gunfire?

Crackshot adds weapons that you can give yourself to make an FPS game or scene a reality in Minecraft. From Cocopops (Not cocoa puffs) to an airstrike, this mod has many guns that can all be obtained through a simple command. They do tons of damage, so be sure to practice gun safety. Unless of course your playing Minecraft. You are? Then be as reckless as you possibly can!


Reasons to download:

  • Cocoa beans that explode!
  • More basic for the minimalist-type vanilla-modders
  • Only 5 simple-to-learn commands!


Get the mod here!


1. Tech Guns mod

Prepare yourself for total annihilation!

The Tech Guns Mod adds in the best thing ever. Attack helicopters. They will come to attack you and the sky will turn red. And beware. Even with the super-strong armor and guns to back you up, it is still godly strong. We’re talking Superman strong. Dragon Ball Z strong. Thanos with all the infinity stones! But enough of the references. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.


Reasons to download

  • Kill dictators!
  • Fight in the U.S. army
  • Fight a helicopter from the ground (and win?)


Download the mod here!

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