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Games Like P.T.
Get ready to be scared worse than that time your Mom found that bad grade.

1. Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay

Resident Evil 7 was such a fun and interesting game to play. It is the first Resident Evil of its kind, choosing to go with a survival horror type of first person POV game play experience. You can fight back and at some points you absolutely have to, but hiding is the better thing to do at other points and sometimes sneaking around is also required.

You play Ethan Winters who, after receiving a message from his wife who went missing three years ago, is drawn to an isolated and seemingly abandoned plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana. Upon arrival you can tell that something isn’t quite right, seeing piles of animal bones in some locations as you try to find a way to get in to the house. Once inside you find that things aren’t at all what they seemed and have to find a way to escape with your life before the horrors inside rip you apart.

The game mechanics of Resident Evil 7 are just fantastic and enjoyable. The controls are amazing and easy to get used to, pair that with how amazing the visuals are and the horrible story that you have to slowly discover and you have a game that will keep you hooked for hours and hours. If once your beat the game you want more, fret not! They have quite a few DLC packs you can buy and if you want to save some money, you can snatch the season pass for $29.99.

The visuals in Resident Evil 7 are so good that this looks almost real.

You can fight in Resident Evil, but sometimes it is better to just run.

These games were enjoyable and terrifying to play, they may not have filled the whole in my heart that P.T. left, but they came damn near close and in a lot of ways were more enjoyable than the demo for P.T. was. I hope you enjoyed this list. Happy gaming! 

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Hollowed_oath's picture

Hollowed_oath 2 years 6 months ago

I do have to say that this saved me a lot of effort in trying to find a good scary game to play! The article was very well written and I felt very informed about the idea behind each game! I look forward to more from you! (:

lsgentry's picture

lsgentry 2 years 6 months ago

I was super sad when PT got cancelled. Scary games that really make feel the tension are few and far between. Thanks for saving me the trouble of searching for this shiz myself! I've played two of them (Amnesia and Peterson Case) and totally agree with your assessments.

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