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Games Like P.T.
Get ready to be scared worse than that time your Mom found that bad grade.

9. Granny

You wake up in a room with your head hurting, hinting that someone probably bapped you good and left you there. Your goal? To find items around the house that you can combine with other pieces to make tools that will allow you to escape. All while dodging a crazy, blood thirsty Granny who has also put traps all around the house, including a horrible huge spider that will give you a big spook!

With Granny you will definitely have thrill after thill and jumpscare after jumpscare. It is a game that you will want to play a few times over because the pieces are in different places with each playthrough, making it a unique and terrifying experience every time.

If you aren't careful you will see this terrifying ifgure stalking towards you.

Don't forget to look absolutely everywhere for items! You never know where they might turn up.

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Hollowed_oath's picture

Hollowed_oath 2 years 6 months ago

I do have to say that this saved me a lot of effort in trying to find a good scary game to play! The article was very well written and I felt very informed about the idea behind each game! I look forward to more from you! (:

lsgentry's picture

lsgentry 2 years 6 months ago

I was super sad when PT got cancelled. Scary games that really make feel the tension are few and far between. Thanks for saving me the trouble of searching for this shiz myself! I've played two of them (Amnesia and Peterson Case) and totally agree with your assessments.

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