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 Games Like Tera
The Valkyrie: Known as the most powerful warriors.

5. Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online Gameplay

Let’s face it; we are truly not living if we haven’t seen the movies of the Lord of the Rings. During those times of watching the movies we put ourselves in the characters shoes and shouted out ways on how we were going to handle situations. Well now we do have the option to actually be in the shoes of the heroes that we watched in the movies.

Lord of the Rings Online is an online MMORPG that is set in the time of Middle Earth during the time of Sauron. Players of the game go on their adventure to defeat the evil hordes that want to destroy middle earth. The game allows players to select from the races from the little hobbits up to the high elves of Valinor.

The Nostalgia: Going into the game, you will find yourself admiring the white wizards of Middle Earth!

Is it just me or is that horse showing fear?: Starring straight into the eyes of a giant cat creature would scare the hell out of you too if all you had to defend yourself is a pair of hooves.

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