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Games Like Resident Evil 7
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13. BioShock

BioShock Gameplay

A First-Player shooter video-game, Bioshock amazes in so many ways! You play the protagonist Jack, shortly after your airplane crashes near the ‘bathysphere terminus’. You find your way to the underwater city of ‘RAPTURE’, stuffed packed with, An engaging storyline, creepy music, and such realistic sounds that make the jump scares have you checking your own pants, constantly. Hold your breath as you descend into the deep sea, to an underwater city that’s definitely not Atlantis: Littered with corpses that you can scavenge, Mutant Citizens, adding in some creepy creatures, such as The Slicer, a creepy ‘little sister’ and the scary, yet enormous, Big Daddy, whom aren’t really that pretty for your own eyes, to put it nicely.

No worries though, with RPG elements that allows for a deep customizable weapon system: from standard-firearms, to makeshift explosives, along with a powerful wrench that may not be able to be upgraded but there’s a number of Physical Tonics, and Combat Tonics that can enhance it to an extremely powerful tool, to take down the biggest and ugliest enemies you come across, your hand will also become one of the most desirable and shocking weapons, that you can choose to use. A Shockingly amazing game to sink into, that is if you want to spend countless hours playing: just getting wrapped into the incredible story plot, and engaging game play.

BioShock-Big Daddy and Little Sister

Hello, BIG DADDY! Smash him, before he smashes you, you have the power to defeat anything that comes in your path.

BioShock- Shocking Hand Combat

Battle the inner demons, inside an underwater city; shocking mutants with the palm of your hand.

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