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6. Tower of Time

Tower of Time let’s play

Go for this title if you want an interesting cRPG like Pillars of Eternity with equally as interesting combat. In Tower of Time, you have the option of pause or even slowing your tactical real time combat! This makes the fights (and the planning before a fight) much more involved and exciting. You’ll need to think about positioning yourself and your squad to maximize your potential, what abilities to use at first and then during a fight, and how you’ll respond to enemy counter attacks. Each battle in Tower of Time is like a combat-puzzle that you solve to survive!

The essence of Tower of Time’s premise is that technology has met magic, and the results are...questionable at best, devastating at worst. Tower of Time is a dungeon crawler, and the dungeons you’ll be crawling through are beautifully hand-crafted.

In addition to the typical RPG skills and abilities some features that are really exciting about Tower of time are the skill “gesture”, where you actually draw some of your abilities, gravity manipulation, and the primary city in the game is upgradable.

Tower of Time is considerably less dry and wordy compared to many of the games on this list, but still contains plenty of depth in its story and a good amount of lore to really get you invested in the environment.

Face off against 150 unique enemies and 50 different bosses in Tower of Time.

Every dungeon is meticulously handcrafted

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