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Games Like Pillars of Eternity 2
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12. Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition

Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition playthrough

From the Age of Empires co-creator, this ARPG (Action RPG) takes you on an epic quest through the legends and locations of ancient Greece, Asia, and Egypt. Titan Quest is considered an ARPG because the combat is real-time instead of turn-based-- something that is different from Pillars of Eternity, but also something some gamers prefer.

Titan Quest allows you to hack and slash your way through the myths that we usually only read about in books: like the horrors of Hades, the battles of Agamemnon and Achilles, and the dangers Odysseus faced on his epic journey.

There is online multiplayer available, co-op gameplay, and built in World-editor that allows you to create your own maps. And to top it all off , the price to fun ratio of this game is off the charts. As I write this, Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition is currently on sale for $3.99, and the historical lowest price is… free.

The HUD reminds me a lot of Diablo. does the inventory!

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