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4. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Let's Play Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - Ep 1 - Candlekeep!

So this game is not what I meant when I implied that modern Bioware games are like dating sims (dating sims that personally I love to play) when compared to old-school cRPG games. Baldur’s Gate is Bioware’s crown jewel of an RPG, from which all their other (also fantastic but definitely different) RPGs have descended, and retain bits and pieces of.

The Enhanced Edition was not developed by Bioware, but the remake retains all of the original elements while including new playable characters, a new separate arena adventure entitled The Black Pits, and a number of other improvements to the game.

And of course, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced edition includes its original story, which is the heart of all RPGs, and which helped set the standard for pen-and-paper style isometric games since 1998. So pick this game up, customize your companions, and discover the truth behind why the Sword Coast is on the brink of all out war-- the truth is a lot darker than you might expect…

“Hi, can Baldur come out and play?”

It’s a trap!

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