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Games Like Pillars of Eternity 2
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5. Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Shadowrun: Dragonfall let’s play, part 1

Cyberpunk! I’m a fan of the style, and there aren’t many turn-based tactical RPGs with a steampunk theme, so this title really excited me when I first discovered it.

In Shadowrun: Dragonfall the year is 2054, and as most cyberpunk games go, we’re dealing with a dystopian situation. The line between man and machine is blurred thanks to rampant and unchecked advances in technology, elves and trolls live among humans and Berlin (where the game is set) is a “Flux State” where power is decided by the right connections and pretty much anything goes. You are a shadow runner, a mercenary, and the only thing on your mind is getting paid. That is, until you and your crew are wrapped up in a deadly conspiracy and the only things you need to do now are survive and figure out who’s behind all of it--whichever comes first.

Check this game out for the sleek cyberpunk feel, and keep playing for the gripping story. This is one of my favorites on this list, and one that any Pillars of Eternity fan would love.

Cyberpunk Berlin is sleek and mysterious.

Be prepared from some spicy situations...

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