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Games Like Granny
Granny sneaks up quietly behind you when she’s about to kill you. There is no sound made when she approaches you so it’s always a surprise and sometimes confusing when she gets you.

6) Alien Isolation

Amanda Ripley goes on board the space station Sevastopol to retrieve her mother’s flight recording to get closure of what happened to her. While on Sevastopol you discover there is an alien roaming the station that must be evaded. It’s already taken out most of the crew that live there and is now out for you. With limited choice in weapons and ammo, you must use your stealth and evasion techniques more than anything else to ensure your survival.

Set 15 years after the 1979 film “Alien”.

You must outsmart a single alien on the ship. Seeing that it’s already killed most living onboard you can search their bodies for anything they might’ve had that can help you finish the mission and survive.

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