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Games Like Escape from Tarkov
From giant industry staples to small indie unknowns and parody games, this list has it all.

14. SCUM

SCUM gameplay

SCUM is an open world survival game set on an island prison owned and operated by entertainment behemoth TEC1. TEC1 records their inmates competing in a battle royale style fight to the death, and televise it for the entertainment of the masses. You play as one of the titular inmates (Scum) and must survive the perils of the island, this includes zombies, giant gatling-gun wielding robots, dangerous wildlife, and of course…other players.

It’s the survival simulation mechanics that really make SCUM stand out. From your metabolism, to your conditioning, to the clothes you’re wearing, and the weight you carry, everything effects how your character performs every task asked of him or her. For example; if you’re low on vitamin B12 you’ll be weak, easily fatigued, and less able to focus. But despite this incredibly deep system SCUM doesn’t lack in the other areas either, it more than matches other contemporary open-world survival games in combat, crafting, base building and team play.

Be careful not to get so preoccupied looking at your health monitor to miss the enemy player lining his spear up with your head.

Crafting a shelter and searching for food and equipment should be priority one, don't be in a hurry to fight other players if you don't have the gear to back it up. That is unless you want to be some high-level players second breakfast…or elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, or supper.

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