ESO Summerset Classes from Best to Worst

Elder Scrolls Online Classes
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In ESO, there are a total of 5 classes that you can choose from. I have taken each of the classes and arranged them from Best to Worst for soloing PvE. These classes would go in a different order for PvP. With each class is a link to a build idea for Dungeons and Trials. Feel free to get some ideas but ultimately, make your character your own and do what works best for you! You don't want to be miserable with your build through your ESO journey.


Nightblades excel in Stealth by using Soul Shred Ultimate and Shadow passives

Nightblades typically main as rogue assassins in PvE and PvP. Players commonly purchase and take part in the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves DLC guilds quest lines to amp Legerdemain abilities. NBs are very beginner friendly and useful in End Game with the appropriate build. This class is fun to play because they are capable of soloing, dungeons and trials. You can easily stack Nightblade skills in your weapon bars and have tons of choices between class and dual wield skill lines.

[NightBlade build Guide here]


Sorcerers make excellent solo mages wielding Dark Magic skills like Run Prison to entrap enemies

Sorcerers are closely ties with Nightblades as versatile classes. Sorcerers make great healers using Energy Orbs in dungeons for players to selfheal but also excellent ranged damage dealers. Typically equipped with staffs, Sorcerers can summon familiars to aid them in battle. This class excels in solo play as well as dungeons/trials with the proper build and bar swaps. Players typically join the Mages Guild to increase Magicka Recovery and expand their Magicka skills.

[Sorcerer build Guide here]


Wardens can call upon their Animal Companions such as the Cliff Racer to dive bomb enemies

Warden is the newest and most exciting class to come to ESO! Wardens harness natural abilities by using Winter’s Embrace to cause damage and Green Balance to heal. Wardens are mainly bow driven archers so Endless Hail is the best AoE for this class. These archers are well equipped to use any class skill lines in PvE and are very adaptable for any dungeon role. The vote is still pretty 50/50 for players for and against Warden builds but they happen to be my favorite class. There is a lot you can do with a Warden and so many builds out there to play around with.

[Warden build Guide here]


Templars harness the forces of light with the Dawnbreaker Ultimate causing incredible damage

Templars are equipped with health regenerating and damage dealing abilities through their class skill line. They have received a lot of hype since Summerset launched. Templars are the Paladins of Tamriel, equipped with Heavy armor and strong healing abilities. While they do excellent in dungeons and trials, they aren’t so great soloing. Templars have restrictive builds and are difficult to truly master. This is a more advanced player class to play. Once mastered, Templars are incredible characters.

[Templar build Guide here]


Dragon knights are tough and burly investing in their Health Recovery above all other classes

Finally, we have Dragonknights. Dragonknights are the defenders of Tamriel wielding sword and shield. Dks are very strong when equipped with Heavy Armor and Draconic Power passives, making blocking bosses second nature. This class can easily outlive their group in dungeons and trials. They excel as melee fighters and are depended on for crowd control. As far as soloing goes, not so good causing Dragonknights to be at the bottom of the list of PvE soloing. While DKs are self-sustaining, they struggle in mobility and solo survivability.

[DK build Guide here]


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